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Alcohol can be addictive if abused, and over-use may lead to chronic health problems. Don’t over-indulge, don’t drink and drive and don’t encourage or allow your guests to do so. While we are at it, don’t operate machinery after drinking alcohol either.

Well-made cocktails can taste deceptively low in alcohol. Most cocktails contain between 1½ to 3 shots (37.5ml - 75ml) of distilled or other liquor, which can be up to 40% alcohol.

Guidelines for use by a normal, healthy adult advise no more than three units of alcohol per day for a man, or two for a woman. 1 unit of alcohol is the equivalent of 1 shot (25ml) of 40% liquor, or a glass of 12% wine, or a glass of 5% beer. Alcohol is especially harmful to pregnant women, and should never be taken by anyone who is also taking drugs, medication or who is receiving psychiatric treatment.

WhatToDrink cannot take any responsibility for any effects or harm caused by the consumption of recipes, or the usage of information provided on this web site. Some drinks may be bad for your health. It has been proven that excessive consumption of alcohol can and will cause serious harm to your body.

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Enjoy and Drink Responsibly!


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