Bloody Patriot’s Eye

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    Coconut Cream
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    Pineapple Juice
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First you need Maria Brizzard’s Parfait Amor, which is not on the list. It is an orange liquor…. with other flavors, and it’s BLUE ( the EYE part) To begin, first make a Chi-Chi, pour vodka, pineapple, and coco-cream over lots of ice and blend till thick and smooth. Next pour 3/4 of a shot of Chi-Chi into a tall, or Itaian, shot glass. Then fill to top with Parfait Amor (it will sink to bottom). Last, the Bloody part, carefully drop Grenidine along the rim so it slowly makes it’s way to the bottom leaving a beautiful Bloody trail….. Admire the contrasting colors, and the lovley designs, then throw it back and request another Bloody Patriot’s EYE!!!! Because there’s a whole pitcher left ! Sent in from Isla de Margarita, Venezuela “The Basement Bar” Thee Best Bar on “The Rock”