Jello Shots

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    Jello (any flavor)
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    Grain Alcohol

Let set in fridge and serve. Party Instructions 4 individual packets of knox unflavored gelatin 3 3 oz. boxes of Jello( can be any brand and any flavor. Lime flavored Jello brand gelatin works best ) 190 proof grain alcohol* ** Directions: Pour the knox gelatin and the jello in a large bowl. Add a mixture of water and grain alcohol as long as it totals 4 cups. Add the water and alcohol separately. Place in a dish and refridgerate. The Jello should be ready in a couple of hours. Cut into cubes and swallow. You can make the Jello as strong as you want, but I suggest that you don’t make it any stronger than 50% grain alcohol to 50% water. * Vodka can be substituted for the grain alcohol. You can actually use just about any alcohol for both ways of making spiked jello. ** When using grain alcohol, make sure the alcohol is from a legitimate distiller, and not from some guy that makes the stuff in a car radiator. I have found so far, three legitimate brands, Clear Springs, Everklear, and Graves XXX brand.