Skittle Juice

  • fill
    Iced Tea
  • 12
    Butterscotch Schnapps

An excellent way to spike Iced Tea if you’re not partial to Long Island Iced Tea or don’t want as much of a kick. Empty one of the the large Iced Teas (I suggest Nestea) and pour half of the other into the empty bottle. Then pour the Butter Ripple Schnapps into each of the Iced Teas. The resulting mixture is about 18 proof – much like a cooler. Variations in the amount of Butter Ripple should be tried as the idea is that the mixture should taste like Skittles candy and my experience has shown that the app
oximate 1:1 ratio I use won’t have the desired effect in inexperienced drinkers – more Iced Tea and less Butter Ripple will fix this.